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Wood refinishing done right

Don’t know where to start? First pick your stain. If you need ideas for stain colors, we can either provide you with samples or we work with several local interior designers which can provide you additional guidance. Next, contact us and let us take over.  

Have existing cabinets, doors, baseboards or moldings which are worn or new woodwork which have never been stained? We can work with local carpenters to either have your woodwork brought to our facility for sanding, staining and top coat application, or coordinate onsite wood finishing activities.

Get the deck you've wanted

Have a new or existing deck that needs initial staining or sealant or needs to be brought back to life? First we would work to clean and prep the deck to receive the stain or sealant. There are many products on the market, and we can advise on your best options for longevity based upon anticipated environmental exposure and wear.


Have hardwood floors freshened up with a new topcoat, or have scratches needing repair?  We will provide you with guidance on selection of stain and finish coat and guidance on maintenance of the floors.


• Cabinets

• Baseboards

• Moldings

• Decks

• Hardwood floors

• Log cabin homes


Log cabins can come with many challenges because of the sheer volume of wood and the customer’s preference for the desired appearance. We have the experience to treat your existing log cabin home, or to finish you new home.

Call today to learn more about our wood refinishing services.

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